David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the SPARTACUS drinking game

Tonight, I will beta test the SPARTACUS drinking game. I thought about this *very hard,* people. For *more than five minutes.*

What's the problem with most drinking games? Too many rules to remember. So I tried to create as few rules and make them as memorable as possible. Feel free to beta-test with me, if you like. I am thinking that the rule should be that each item can only be checked off once per person per scene. Example: "Bare Ass" is one drink. If Spartacus has a long scene where you see his Bare Ass about twenty times, you only drink once. However, if Spartacus and Crixus and three other gladiators are all bare-assed, you would drink once for each of them.

Yes, this game will probably kill you. That's why it's in beta.

It is probably wisest played with beer. Tonight, however, I will be playing with Maker's Mark on the rocks. What's the Latin for "We who are about to get shitfaced salute you!"?


One Drink: Slow-motion, Bare Ass, "Jupiter's Cock!"
Two Drinks: Somebody Dies, Boobies, Baby Oil Wrestling
Three Drinks: Somebody's Fuckin', Oh Look a Penis
Chug: Gladiator Training Sequence, Actual Spartacus Dialogue, OMGWTF

I trust these rules are pretty self-explanatory. Actual Spartacus Dialogue is a little subjective, but you'll probably know it when you hear it.

If you play, let me know how it goes.

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