David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

I'm warming to Matt Smith already

I can't believe that Matt Smith is making his debut as the Eleventh Doctor this weekend. Man. That's surreal.

He's doing the promo tour right now, the poor bastard. Honestly, if I worked for the BBC's PR arm, I would send out lists of suggested questions -- not so the talent could stick to a script, but because these interview types *cannot interview.* They ask the same questions over and over, and babble too long, especially the radio guys; if I were Smith, I'd come up with a canned fifteen-to-thirty-second intro that would answer all of their questions, except then the rest of it would be dead airtime because there is no good question at all in the offing. The audience is there for the interviewee, not you, guys; ask them short, provocative questions and let them say interesting things. Which Smith will absolutely do, because he's clumsy as hell with the press and it's a bit fascinating to watch. I can see him being the Daniel Craig of DOCTOR WHO, in that Craig is brilliant in the part but every so often he just opens his mouth and says something from way the hell out in left field that makes lots of longtime James Bond fans tear their hair.

I kind of love Matt Smith for not being a DOCTOR WHO fan. Tennant was -- him getting the part was like if it had been *me* getting the part -- but Smith grew up when it wasn't on, and didn't watch it when it came back, so took a crash course apparently in preparation for his audition. When he's asked about a favorite episode, he comes back with the werewolf one from RTD's second series. Yeah, really, he says his favorite episode is *"Tooth and Claw."* Because he likes werewolves. Folks, I honestly don't think there is anyone on the planet who loves werewolves more than I do, even if you count the nymphomaniacal furries subject to Taylor Lautner's restraining orders, and *I* didn't sit through "Tooth and Claw" more than once. That's like asking somebody for their favorite STAR TREK episode out of all the series and having him come back with, "STAR TREK: VOYAGER's 'Threshold!' You know where Paris went really fast and turned into a giant newt? AWESOME." Either it's BS, or he's completely nuts. Either way, it's surprisingly endearing. Seriously, did he just pick it at random? I almost hope it's the only episode he ever saw.

Or I guess he just really digs werewolves.

I hope somebody asks him about his preparation in more detail some day. Stuff like, "What were you actually looking for when you watched the episodes? Did you picture yourself in them, and think about how you'd have played them? What did you latch onto, what did you find distracting?" That sort of thing. In the meantime, I'm just going to imagine that the only episode the guy ever saw before starting filming was "Tooth and Claw," and that he couldn't pick Patrick Troughton out of a photo line-up. Which is perfectly fine! He's an actor! It's an acting job!

Best of luck to him, and everybody else involved.

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