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Up at Ma's. Long driving always makes time a little nebulous for me, especially if I do the trip in stages (which I did); I come out the other side not quite knowing when it is anymore. I realized now that it's early Thursday morning, which means that SPARTACUS episode 11 airs tomorrow, which ordinarily would give me cheerful anticipation of complete insanity -- except I'm not thinking about it at all, because DOCTOR WHO is back on Saturday, and we're getting thirteen weeks of a new Doctor, a new companion, a new showrunner, and (I'm certain) a new explosion of fan activity. There's a couple of weeks of overlap, but the thirteen-week seasons of SPARTACUS and DOCTOR WHO are neatly arranged for my convenience! TV should do this *all the time.*

Brainwave: TV SHOULD DO THIS ALL THE TIME. Don't have one TV season. Have four. Go to the thirteen-episode season model for dramas (I haven't cared about a sitcom since SLEDGE HAMMER! went off the air), and have four seasons with a few new shows in each. If the fates align, I could have one new hour of entertainment every week.

2010 is actually kind of close to that. It started off with SPARTACUS, which is, yeah, okay, *not good* but it is relentlessly entertaining and I am getting considerable mileage out of it. Now, with very slight overlap, it's DOCTOR WHO, for which I have high hopes. DOCTOR WHO will run until the summer months, which is when LEVERAGE (not a good show, but a passable timekiller) is back. In the fall... something? I don't know. Maybe something will come along. But the possibility of having a year pass like this is pretty remarkable.

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