David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

yup, it's official: Crixus is the woobie

hey, remember back in the NSFW SPARTACUS primer, when I said that my bet was on Crixus to become the fan-favorite character on the show?

I WIN. On the official SPARTACUS forum, fan 4thHorseman complains:

He treats all around him like they are dirt excluding Naevia. He's basically a foul mouthed bully to anyone he can possibly be. He's loyal to the Gladiator code only the most primitive of ways (Death in the Arena). He demeans anyone elses feelings/thoughts when given a chance. He purposely injured a fellow gladiator on the arena because his need for glory overcame any brotherhood. Yet, all of this is totally irrelevant to him as a person because of how he cares for Naevia?

This isn't an attack on Crixus, I personally love his character but I don't understand the distorted outlook I see from his fanbase. Why is critism of him so blindly dismissed? Why isn't it possible for him to be a bad person yet care for someone? I am honestly and truly confused.

...man, it reminds me of Usenet flamewars I was in about Spike, back in my BTVS days. Not entirely, because the guy likes watching Crixus; it's Crixus's fans who drive him nuts. Wait until TPTB actually start listening to them and building up Crixus like he's the Second Coming, dude. (Sorry. Still bitter. Although technically I suppose Crixus would be the First Coming, being as he lives in the early seventies BC.)

One response from a Crixus fan:

Crixus is not a people person. He doesn't know how to properly communicate to people. He only knows his way to communicate with others. Batiatus said it himself. Crixus is a Brute! Spartacus is Different (He thinks he shows compassion yet stands all above the others). Crixus speaks his mind even when trying to come across polite it comes across rude and to the point. Examples: Spartacus and Varro stting down in their bath area and Crixus says to Varro something about it's good to see someone having their love their to see them die. Varro says if i die it will be in the arena as a gladiator. Spartacus jumps in saying..you know what that is like, do you not, to Crixus. To me, Crixus was tryin g to be friendly and talk in the way only he can talk to people. His manners need training because what he thinks is being proper really isnt. Another example: Varros telling Spartacus how he should visit him when he gets his freedom or something like that...and Spartacus says, i no longer think of freedom outside these walls...and Crixus jumps in (has a slight smile at first if you watch) saying and nor should you. Then Varro and Spart take it wrong and reply rudely to him.

If one person is growing up taught one way to live or whatever...if to fight, be raised with one personality...or however they were groomed to be and I'm not good with words here when trying to explain.....that person will be different from another. I'm just thinking Crixus has a mentality of a Bully type of guy with the Vocabulary and personality of that character. He means well but his words just don't hit the mark and come across wrong.

I love this: his words come across wrong even when he means well, because he has the mentality, personality, and vocabulary of a bully. You would *think* that would make Crixus a bully, I know, but he's not. (WOOBIE.)

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