David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

man, I sure hope John Massari's gettin' paid ETA: HE IS.

This is the trailer for the new TOY STORY videogame, which looks really fun and entertaining.

This is the trailer for Mike Jittlov's cult feature film THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME.

TWOSAT's score is by John Massari, who has (like Jittlov) worked for Disney in the past, although he's out on his own shingle these days. So I'm really hoping he got paid on this one! If not, chalk up another one for the Nostradamus of motion pictures.

ETA: I emailed John Massari and asked him! He says that Sony Pictures Music is licensing a lot of his compositions, including the TWOSAT score, for use in a variety of stuff. So he's getting paid and he's getting some publicity, which is always a good thing. And TWOSAT's cheery score is very suited for the game trailer. So this is a yay!

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