David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

it's International Über Day!

Sure, it's gone by the wayside in recent years, but we should take a moment to remember that XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS fandom used to observe July 22 as International Über Day! This date commemorates the first public posting in XENA fandom of an Über fic. That fic was "The Hitch Hiker," by Bongo Bear. As Xena fandom archive WHOOSH! notes,

The first recorded attempt at a true ÜberXena in the Xenaverse was a non-web posted never completed serial short story called "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" by Miss and Aisa, which was released on a private mailing list in early June 1997. The first completed ÜberXena was a western by Della Street, called "Toward the Sunset", which was posted on a private list on June 14, 1997. The first complete ÜberXena posted publicly (which was written almost simultaneous to Street's western), was "The Hitch Hiker", by Bongo Bear. It was posted on July 22, 1997. This date was the official date the world was first exposed to ÜberXena, and we call it International Über Day to honor that event. We also salute Bongo Bear for publicly posting "The Hitch Hiker" and initiating one of the most exciting and creative movements within all of fan fiction culture.

So there you go! It's International Über Day! Commemorate it in the manner of your choosing. Maybe a story about your favorite characters being soulmated or something. Congrats and best wishes to you, Bongo Bear, wherever you are.

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