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Often away, often antisocial. Some thoughts on various things:

-- Moffat's SHERLOCK is much better than an updated Holmes has any right whatsoever to be. Quite fun, though some aspects of the changes in the relationship between Holmes and Watson don't quite suit me. Probably because Watson is arguably the single most lovable character in all of popular fiction, and he hasn't gotten to be lovable enough for me yet.

-- Any summer that gives me INCEPTION and WINTER'S BONE is just awesome. (The latter being an example of one of my favorite gimmicks, ie, somebody who is not a detective is forced by circumstances to become one.)

-- INCEPTION is a cerebral, action-packed cerebral thriller that involves ideas and interpretations and all kinds of cool stuff. Naturally, fandom's reaction to this is to submit a kink meme. Because the most interesting thing about the best SF movie in years is its characters fucking. Goddamn it, fandom.

-- Lately the GF and I have been watching FRAGGLE ROCK. I didn't much care for it as a kid, but watching it as a grown-up, it's a really surprising, touching, complex show, with all manner of interesting stuff in it, and Sprocket the dog may be my favorite Muppet ever. Of note: the human character, Doc, gets a computer in one episode, and is very excited about its 64K of RAM.

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