David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

brief spoilery reaction for SHERLOCK: "The Great Game"

Jesus fucking Christ on a pogo stick.

Seriously, where did they get that guy they cast as Moriarty? Out of a Cracker Jack box? That's one of the worst major guest performances I have ever seen on a television show. I honestly don't think I've been so infuriated with a guest actor since Bernie Casey stunk up his guest role on DEEP SPACE NINE. I'm not saying the episode was great, but it had its moments, and that guy derailed its climax completely with a performance that was quite literally something else: it wasn't just ridiculous, clumsy, tone-deaf, and over the top, it was like he'd walked in from a completely and radically different TV show. Tasked with a performance that required menace, he delivered cheap comic relief; tasked with creating anticipation, he caused annoyance. You can't look forward to the showdown with a villain who's annoying; you just want the motherfucker gone.

Worst. Moriarty. Ever.

(I was rather hoping it would be Anthea, Mycroft's text-happy sidekick, and that she was typing out her instructions to her criminal empire from a point right under Mycroft's nose.)

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