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I've realized why I'm so annoyed by porn in fandom, when I'm not actually opposed to porn. And occasionally look at some. I think it's because I tend to compartmentalize my life a lot. Which means when I want porn, I go look at, y'know, *porn.* A lot of fen, particularly the younger ones, specifically come to fandom for the porn, but that's not why I came, and it's not what keeps me here. That's why I get annoyed when fandom produces porn after porn after porn after porn. Because IF I WANT PORN I WILL GO LOOK AT PORN, DAMMIT.

Briefly, my experience of fandom often is rather like Monty Python's Spam sketch.

ME. "Hi, what've you got?"

FANDOM. "Well, there's gen and meta; gen, slash, and meta; slash and porn; slash, het, and porn; porn, flamewars, meta and porn; porn, slash, vids, and porn; porn, slash, porn, porn, meta and porn; porn, meta, porn, porn, flamewars, porn, slash, and porn..."

VIKINGS. *singing* "Porn, porn, porn, porn!"

FANDOM. "...porn, porn, porn, slash, and porn; porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, porn, wingfic, porn, porn, porn..."

VIKINGS. *singing* "Lovely porn! Wonderful porn!"

FANDOM. "Or transformative culture that celebrates the original while revisiting aspects of it that are underserved in the source material or merely cherished by the author, with tense plotting, thrilling adventure, brilliant characterization, and porn."

ME. "Have you got anything without porn in it?"

FANDOM. "Well, there's porn, slash, meta and porn. That's not got much porn in it."

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