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Y'know, with the recent revelations that Justin Bieber's hit "U Smile" actually turns into a pretty sweet New Age track if you slow it down 800%, and that Hans Zimmer's INCEPTION score does something similar with the movie's signature song, Edith Piaf's "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," it occurs to me that time-stretched music is going to be a hip thing for a while. Folks get pissed off when movies and TV do time compression/dilation, because some people have a good enough ear to notice it and find it jarring. But when the compression/dilation is so huge as to change the fundamental nature of the piece, the results can be really cool. See also those folks who came up with the gimmick to make any song sound like it has a swing beat.

Also occurring to me: the reason this is going to be hip is that now pretty much everybody can easily get professional-level tools that enable you to do stuff like this, because it's all software. Which means that lots of people will be playing lots of musical tracks at different speeds now. I wonder which pros have been doing this kind of thing and just haven't been caught at it yet.

(The late 1990s' "Hamster Dance" phenomenon was an early item in this vein, as its signature "dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-doh-doh," which I'm sorry to tell you you will now have in your head all day, was sampled from Disney's animated ROBIN HOOD.)

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