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house-hunting continues

My adventures in housing continue. The awesome foreclosure that I didn't get because somebody else made an offer while I was still doing my homework has sold, but I got a consoling phone call from the engineer who'd taken a look at it. Turns out the foundation work it needed was higher than the initial ballpark guess. More in the neighborhood of seventeen thousand dollars. This was a great neighborhood, mind, and the house and setting were really great, so it would have eventually seen a return on the investment, but still, that's a lot of moolah.

The house up next to Ash and Denise has been for sale for a while, so I checked it out. Only reason I'd even consider it is that it's next to them, but it's really just a terrible house. The good part of living next to them is that I know all the sordid details.

MY REALTOR. "Yeah, I know the guy who owns it. He said it's a rental, but there's only a little old lady living there --"
ME. "No, it's been vacant for months. There used to be a family living there, but then one of the guys there went crazy and attacked his mom and the cops came and they wound up shooting him."
ME. "Look, I told you, *my best friends live right next door to this place.*"
MY REALTOR. "Good to know."

The little old lady was still renting month-to-month, but she'd gotten a bit behind. That's the story, anyway. In actuality, as I'd known full well, she'd cleared out, leaving a few odds and ends (a big TV and a hutch) and a garage full of junk. The place was horrid and small and needed a gut and refit. Also, it smelled odd. At least I didn't see any bullet holes in the walls.

Word is that it's going to wind up being a short sale. I AM NOT SURPRISED BY THIS TIDBIT OF NEWS. It's really quite ghastly.

(For the record: the guy the cops shot did not die. I don't know where he moved to, though. Hopefully he's somewhere he can get inpatient mental health treatment, because he very clearly needed it even before he attacked his mom.)

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