David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

hey, let's make fun of fans!

The new trend on humor sites: making fun of fans who paid to get their picture taken with celebrities: with Luke Perry, here, and with Summer Glau, here. Both collections were taken at Dragon*Con, and apparently came from Froggy's Photos, which does event photography at conventions. I don't know if a Froggy's employee put 'em on the humor sites, or if they got lifted from Froggy's flickr account, which now appears to have been deleted.

...y'know, I have never been the kind of dude who wanted to fork over cash to get my picture taken with celebrities, especially actors (who mostly bore me), but if I were I think I'd be pretty pissed off that the company that got paid to take my picture chucked 'em up online so folks could make fun of me. And, y'know, I'd be very much less inclined to give money to the company that did it. Which probably wouldn't make the actors who get money to pose with fans very happy with the company, either.

Did Froggy's Photos just shoot themselves in the foot, or get shot in the foot? Could even be a dirty trick by a competitor...

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