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  • Here, have a pretty kick-ass South Asian-themed cyberpunk music video (You Say Party's "Lonely's Lunch") with some nifty touches from here and there. Excellent filmmaking, pacing, and direction. I'd watch the rest of this movie.

  • I can't bring myself to give a shit about the Whedon-less remake of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. BTVS was the show that pretty much ended my serious fannishness: I don't give myself whole-heartedly to shows anymore, and BTVS is a big part of why. That show was so good, and got *so* bad, that it broke my fannish heart. Whedon was happy to let Marti Noxon run BTVS into the frigging ground when he went to work on other projects, and he didn't do it any favors himself toward the end, so it's not like he can complain about it, either, because he took his hands off it and let it suck a long time ago. I do think it's a stupid move, though: it's not that long since the previous incarnation, and unlike the first film so many people still whole-heartedly *love* the original that it doesn't make sense to think they'd go watch a remake. Remakes work best when people vaguely know the original exists, but probably haven't seen the actual thing. This is like if they'd tried to make the J.J. Abrams STAR TREK reboot at the time of and instead of the original STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. It just pisses off the core fans, and nobody else will get excited, because wasn't that show just on the air?

  • At this rate, I fully expect that as soon as BREAKING DAWN comes out, the movie studio is going to announce a remake of TWILIGHT.

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