David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

AO3 meme

I checked my works on AO3 to see what the ten most read were.

  1. "Killing Elvis" (ALIEN Universe)

  2. "The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special" (Cable & Deadpool, Marvel Comics)

  3. "It's the Muppet Doctor Who Special, With Our Very Special Guest Star, Matt Smith!" (Like it says on the tin)

  4. "Skill Set" (Disney Princesses)

  5. "Sam in Casablanca" (CASABLANCA)

  6. "Escape Artistry" (DCU)

  7. "Jason and Me" (DCU)

  8. "The Balls of the Bell" (Vorkosiverse)

  9. "Provided the Cuffs and Collars Match" (STAR WARS)

  10. "Minute of Angle" (DCU)

Unsurprisingly, all of my big hits on AO3 are from Yuletide, which is when I'm most fannishly productive and when fandom notices me -- I'm not a BNF, but I do pretty well at Yuletide stories: in both 2009 and 2010, I had a story wind up as the #9 most-read fic in Yuletide come reveal day. I love Yuletide because it's a big audience and because it's a chance to write stuff I never would have written otherwise, so usually I'll write a mixture of stories for small fandoms and at least one treat that I know a lot of people would enjoy reading. Sometimes those treats are popular; sometimes they wind up being REALLY popular. Of all my most popular stories, I think "Killing Elvis" is the one that most deserves its high hits -- the other two in the top three get mileage from sheer gimmickry (a Yuletide story that feeds on other Yuletide stories! A Muppet Show/Doctor Who crossover!), but "Killing Elvis" is the one that says, "Oh, yeah, this boy can write."

Interestingly, #12, which didn't make this list, is "Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings," a Terminator:SCC story that I think is my most-bookmarked fic on Delicious. But almost everybody's bookmarked it where I first posted it, on my LJ.

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