David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Free Amina. If she's real.

The WASHINGTON POST is reporting that Amina Abdallah may not exist.

All photos purported to be of her are of a woman from London named Jelena Lecic. The State Department is trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Syrian activists, who have talked extensively with her online, are boggled. If this is a fake, it isn't just a case of her fooling folks like me and reporters. She fooled actual Syrian activists, some of whom corresponded extensively with her. The woman purporting to be Amina's cousin, who reported her alleged kidnapping to the blog, has quit corresponding with reporters. Wowzers.

I just want to say, if this is fake, and the cousin -- reportedly a housewife in Georgia -- has faked all of this stuff, her penetration of Syrian activist circles is *truly* remarkable and some intelligence agency ought to hire her. Aminah's disappearance would certainly be in keeping with the MO of online pretenders, who have their personas get sick/get hurt/die when they feel the need for love or things get too overwhelming.

ETA: It's official. Fake. Tom McMaster, a white guy from Georgia, has confessed to pretending to be both Amina and her cousin. He's used the Amina persona for five years, during which he's actually been to Syria.

It's funny. Looking back, the story of her dad talking down the security guys should have been obvious bullshit, because it was too perfect and fantasy-world. Except then Amina and her dad were reported as going to the mattresses, in a more realistic coda.

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