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another meme: I surrender!

Here's how it works:

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (post-apocalyptic scifi-fi drama, fantasy, noir gumshoe pulp, criminal procedure...IN SPACE, historical drama WITH WEREWOLVES, etc.).
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

[personal profile] bedlamsbard tagged me ages ago, and I was too busy to finish it, then forgot to post it. So here it is: GOLCONDA.

PROMPT: from [personal profile] bedlamsbard: Gangsters, gladiators, and genetic engineering...IN SPACE.
TITLE: Golconda
TYPE: Science fiction noir
SETTING: nearish future
OPENING CREDITS SONG: Tom Waits, "Singapore"
STARRING: Ray Stevenson, Al Leong, Angela Bassett, Dichen Lachman, Jorge Garcia, with Sasisa Jindamanee, and recurring guest role by James Hong


Golconda is the greatest space station ever built.

The product of years of work and billions of dollars, it's a luxury resort, a scientific outpost, a spaceport, a waystation to the Moon and Mars, the crowning glory of one of Earth's most celebrated corporations.

Also, it's just been stolen.

Stealing a space station isn't hard, actually. All you need, it turns out, is lots and lots of people who are fairly strong and who are willing to do beat other people to death, if they have to, and a guy who knows how to make them do it. A guy like Mander Graves (Ray Stevenson).

Mander Graves started out with backing from the Lunar Syndicate, which is big in energy and mining and unofficially controls the government of the Moon, in much the same way that the mob basically ran Las Vegas back in the day. The Lunar Syndicate isn't pleased with Golconda's existence, as it poses a threat to their profits as the dominant large corporation in space. The Syndicate controls most of the smaller space stations, and the few independents still have little muscle and can be leaned on. Golconda represents a huge threat to their control, because it's a big fish swimming in. So the Lunar Syndicate had a plan: they'd take the station, then sell it back in exchange for a shitload of money and (more importantly) a piece of the action.

That was their plan. Mander Graves has a new plan. It's the one where he's a king.

And every king needs a guy like Parts the Water.


Parts the Water (Al Leong), "Parts" to his friends, is Mander Graves's best friend in all the world.

Parts has been a lot of things. Born on the moon to space hippies (hence the name), he got bored with practicing nonviolence at an early age. After a stint in the military, he graduated to corporate security before being bought out by the Lunar Syndicate's William Liu (aka "the Man in the Moon," guest role for James Hong). Parts has worked at multiple levels of the organization, and for fifteen years he's been the right hand of Mander Graves; Parts is the guy who keeps things running, the guy who knows people, the politician to Graves's grand tactician, and he's been taken as much by surprise by Graves's move to take Golconda as anyone.

If Parts has to betray Mander Graves to save him from himself, he just might. Especially if he thinks he can save Graves's life in the process. Because Mander Graves has just put a target on the pair of them, and people will be coming.

People like Judith 88 Thisbe.


Judith 88 Thisbe (Angela Bassett) is a Belter.

The only crime a Belter truly recognizes is theft. Every crime, for them, is ultimately reducible to a property issue. The first property is oneself. They are fanatically religious libertarians. They are also relentless experimenters. In contravention to all system law, they tweak their own genomes, giving them remarkable abilities.

Judith 88 Thisbe has had everything but herself stolen from her. She's been booted off her rock, lost her funds, lost her security, the power she'd hauled herself up by her own bootstraps to achieve. Now she's got to make herself again. And the Lunar Syndicate's loss of their prize booty, and a great corporation's loss of their crown jewel, has offered her a chance at a great score. All Judith 88 Thisbe has to do is work her way onto Golconda, make a friend or two, work her way up, and steal the space station away from a guy who's ruthless and has an army. And then sell it. Her excuse to get in: Mander Graves is allowing more freedom with genetic tinkering than anywhere else in the system. In truth, though, Judith 88 Thisbe cares absolutely nothing for Golconda, other than the huge payday it represents.

The same can't be said for the Meatserver.


Dichen Lachman is the Meatserver.

That's not a name. It's a title. On Golconda, it's pretty much a title in the Royal sense.

Meatservers jack computers into their brains, and let the system use their heads to operate. It's the best antivirus system ever: the human biosystem is a hell of a filter. It means that the system is secure against attack. It also means that the meatserver has an ungodly amount of power, because she can make the entire station shut down, if she has a mind to. The cold truth is that Mander Graves does not control Golconda; the Meatserver controls Golconda. She's willing to go along with him, though, for now, because he's accepting of her goals for personal advancement. Namely, she wants to tweak herself to go farther from humanity. She's already so far inhuman that it's not always clear that she remembers she needs to breathe.

The Meatserver has no family or friends, but there is at least one person who loves her: a young orphan whom she has taken in (Sasisa Jindamanee), a girl in her early teens who serves as the Meatserver's bodyservant and bodyguard in the human world. And there's someone who hates her, though she doesn't know it: the Neckbeard.


All the Neckbeard (Jorge Garcia) ever wanted was to be a sysadmin.

He was downsized in favor of the Meatserver, and he hates her for it. He was storming off the station, in a fit of pique, when Mander Graves took over, and before he knew it he wound up in the station's prison with some pretty nasty customers, many of whom had perpetrated a counter-revolution against Mander Graves. Rather than display mercy, Graves elected for strength, and started a pitfighting league. The Neckbeard doesn't want to be in it, but the only way out is through.

His plan is to kill everyone in his path until he emerges champion in a victory sufficiently great that he is invited to the royal box to stand before Mander Graves and the Meatserver. And then he'll kill her, with his bare hands. That this will destabilize and possibly destroy the station is not lost on him.


The gimmick is that there are factions and alliances among the various major and minor characters, culminating in the final episode of the first season, in which half of the characters are planning to kill the other half, and manage to screw up a number of each others' plans by striking, inconveniently, at approximately the same time. This shakes up the power balance for season two.

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