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David Hines [userpic]


August 13th, 2011 (06:38 pm)

Catching up on a little TV. TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY is not great: oh, look, another series about how our society is its own worst evil, *I have never ever seen that before.* Hell, I saw this on TORCHWOOD last season, only there it was done more effectively and with fewer cardboard characters and ham-handed cliches. Nazi retreads, Uncle Rusty? Really? You can't do better than that? You did, last year!

(It doesn't help that I'm finding John Barrowman increasingly irritating as a performer; there's being cocky and fun and there's being a preening jackass, and Barrowman is looking likely to peg the meter on the preening jackass end of the scale. Best thing about the show so far is that it's introduced me to Ciera Payton, who's got a bit role as a secretary/mistress and who is *hot like fire.*)

ALPHAS has more ups, I think. It's an uneven show, but while the pilot is clumsy and ineffective the series gets better from there. It does a pretty decent job of giving all of its characters stuff to do, and given its budget it has some creative action bits. I'll keep watching because I like co-exec Robert Hewitt Wolfe and actor Malik Yoba, and I want to see what the show'll do. The biggest downside so far is that I find team leader Dr. Rosen to be kind of a dick. He's especially creepy with the team's super-sensed investigator, to whom he comes off as not so much paternalistic as like a high school guidance counselor who can't tear his eyes away from the front of a girl's sweater. It really makes me not like him much. But we'll see where the show goes.

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Posted by: tingirl (tingirl)
Posted at: August 14th, 2011 01:23 pm (UTC)

I think Rosen is intentionally a dick-intentional from the perspective of the show, that is, not the perspective of the character, who clearly thinks he's the good guy. I like that about the show- as has been famously said before, Professor Xavier is a jerk. Rosen's paternalistic and condescending and frankly ableist. He has no idea how to make his Alphas work together as a team, which is really the bare requirement of any team leader.
But he clearly cares about the Alphas, as a class and individuals, and he thinks he's doing the right things by them. And importantly, people treat him accordingly-- his team appreciate him, but argue and chafe at his overcontrol. The stories we've had so far seem pretty big on making sure Rosen is portrayed as not always right, and maybe even giving him a chance to clue into it. So long as his team doesn't start singing praises to their glorious leader all the time (cough DAVIES cough) I'm happy with it.

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