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Robin and Marian

Tonight, Turner Classic Movies showed ROBIN AND MARIAN, broadcasts of which I am powerless to resist. I love the movie. Inexplicably, there are vast numbers of people who've never heard of the film, so let me tempt you: the premise is that a middle-aged Robin Hood comes back to Sherwood after twenty years away fighting the crusades. He reunites with Maid Marian, who has become a nun, and takes up his battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Here's the cast:

Robin Hood is played by Sean Connery.

OK, just chew on that for a second.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Robert Shaw.

Marian is played by AUDREY HEPBURN.

(I know what you're thinking: there's a movie with this cast AND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT?!)

So this is a good point for me to mention that it also stars folks like Richard Harris as Richard the Lionheart, Ian Holm as King John, and Denholm Elliot as Will Scarlett. And that it was directed by Richard Lester, who did A HARD DAY'S NIGHT and SUPERMAN II and THE THREE MUSKETEERS and THE FOUR MUSKETEERS. And that the screenplay is by James Goldman, author of THE LION IN WINTER, who pens my second-favorite Robin/Marian exchange of all time:

MARIAN. You never wrote.
ROBIN. I don't know how!

ROBIN AND MARIAN. Check it out.
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