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other stuff that is going on

  • I am reading Stephen King's latest book because the opening chapters were fun and intriguing. That ended after the sample ended and I am halfway through and it is godawful boring. Somebody tell me why writers telling stories about a guy travelling in time to a more halcyon day always, always, *always* have that halcyon day be the time when the writers themselves were children? Because I think they're not looking back at the society so much as they are wishing they didn't have to be adults anymore.

  • On the gun-nut front, the Fast and Furious scandal is really appalling me. I have been meaning to write commentary on it for ages. Matthew Hoy sums up my feelings on Holder's performance pretty well.

  • Writing for Yuletide! My assignment is progressing pretty well, if by "pretty well" you mean it was supposed to be plotless fluff and is suddenly developing a plot. Dammit. Yes, it's me, you're surprised. I will try to write a bunch of Yuletide stories this year if I can. I did five my first year, four the second, and three last year. I want to reverse that trend.

  • Aftermath of Jenny/Vastra fic: it's done well in hits, less well in the comments and recs department. I'll try posting to some other communities and see if it gets a little more traction that way, but I think it may just be that the combination of femslash and casefic just doesn't do it for fandom. Or maybe readers didn't like it as much as I did! Which happens, too. I'm kind of tempted to write a sequel. Maybe someday.

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