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A few links from my Twitter feed for you guys:

  • Remember the bit in LIVE AND LET DIE where James Bond runs across the backs of crocodiles? That was the 5th take (video).

  • Magicians confront the challenge of keeping tricks secret in the age of the internet.

  • An executive presides over 80% stock drop, gets $10.9m pension and $4.5m consulting gig for former employer. That employer? The New York Times.

  • German Doctor Who fangirl builds her own TARDIS (video). Brilliant part: it's foldable and she can transport it singlehanded.

  • …I really wish Vermin Supreme (video) were in the Republican debates. Or the Democratic debates, next time they're held. Especially given that a change of administration basically turns political arguments into Bizarro World. Washington Monthly is now warning that if Republicans retake the White House and Congress, they will kill the filibuster! Wasn't Kevin Drum telling me just a little while ago how essential killing the filibuster was?

  • On reading Boswell's LIFE OF JOHNSON, I had looked in vain some years ago to try to find out what the hell the Cock Lane Ghost was. Now I know!

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