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The upcoming interactive web sitcom DIRTY WORK, about three young crime scene cleaners, looks funny and quite well-budgeted. Potentially of interest to folks is that one of the three regulars, Michelle, is a transwoman and is played by a transwoman actress (Jamie Clayton). Not to overshadow the other characters or the rest of the cast, but that's pretty noteworthy; I'm trying to remember the last trans regular character I've seen on any continuing show, and the only one that comes to mind is Officer Brubaker from the 1986 sitcom THE LAST PRECINCT. Brubaker, played by actress Randi Brooks, was a transwoman whose transition was played mainly for awkwardness (she wasn't entirely out to everyone, especially those from her past) and for cheap jokes ("she used to be a guy and now she's A HOT CHICK! That's FUNNY!").

I don't know about the interactive gimmicks they're pushing for DIRTY WORK (this Ain't It Cool article goes into a little detail on that; I'm skeptical on how interesting or how much fun they'll be), but it seems like an offbeat show that's worth a look.

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