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dear Yuletide author

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here's the part I type every year:

I'm pretty much a genfic guy. Light romance is okay, especially if it's funny, but for the most part I'm the farthest thing possible from a relationshipper. I don't want characters to get smooshed together; I want to watch them interact. I'm not a big fan of pure romance, and I really don't want porn. My big thing is that I like seeing the characters relate as friends. This applies even if they're in a romantic relationship -- grand falling-in-love stuff bores me, particularly if it's emotionally fraught, but the quiet day-to-day of characters doing things puts a smile on my face. I love plot, but I definitely don't mind lightly plotted fic if it's fun to read.

These are the fandoms I'm requesting this year:

1) No One Survives - NEKROGOBKLIKON (music video)

Nekrogoblikon is a metal band that does songs about Goblins. And also bears. When they teamed up with filmmaker Brandon Dermer to make a music video for their song "No One Survives," the result turned out to be a *brilliant* music video. It's an absolutely marvelous short film with effective characterization, development, and storytelling. I'll sit down later and make a long post about how great it is and why I think it's so magnificent, but in the meantime, please watch this:

What I would like is a story in which Goblin comes to appreciate that his actions at the climax of the video were not for Kayden, but for himself, and that rather than an outrage that could not be borne what he saw was an *excuse.* I do not think that this should be cause for Goblin's self-hate or recrimination, and I really do not want Goblin to question himself and repent. What I want is a story about someone realizing that the moment that made him feel the happiest he has ever felt in his life was not heroic, not honorable, not justified, but a deliberate and evil act *about which he continues to feel good.* Build something around that. Preferably avoiding the necessary legal fallout -- not through handwaving, ideally, but because there is some kind of an out for Goblin. (Not goblins as a species; Goblin in the video represents not minority persecution but sidelined masculinity, and it would be easy to get offensive very fast by getting away from that.)

2) Fraggle Rock.

Boober and Sprocket team up to accomplish a mutual goal, as Wembley helps them out. Red is skeptical of the whole affair, but pitches in when she's needed. And Travelling Matt sends a surprisingly relevant postcard.

(Short explanation: my girlfriend and are deeply fond of FRAGGLE ROCK. Sprocket is my favorite Muppet ever. My girlfriend is frequently Wembley. Boober is, essentially, me. So if you decide to write me a Fraggle Rock story, I'd love all three of 'em being front and center. If you haven't seen FRAGGLE ROCK, it's on streaming Netflix if you have that.)

3) Sailor Steve Costigan Stories - Robert E. Howard

Steve Costigan is my favorite REH creation. More than Conan, more than Kull, Steve Costigan *lives* for me. He's a rough-and-tumble sailor who makes his way around the world having prizefights and getting roped up into adventure. The characterization is delightful, the fight gimmicks are superb, and Costigan himself makes for a great hero. I would love a straight-up Steve Costigan story in which Steve gets roped into a bizarre prizefight.

You can download a bunch of Steve Costigan stories here.


HOLMES ON HOMES is one of my guilty pleasures: it's the rare home improvement show that I actually enjoy. In keeping with the premise that Mike invariably finds disaster on top of disaster, I'd enjoy a story in which Mike Holmes, charged with rehabbing a home, finds a Cthulhu-esque set-up designed to funnel dark energies from another universe.

Thanks so much!

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