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dear Yuletide author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Here's the part I type every year:

I'm pretty much a genfic guy. Light romance is okay, especially if it's funny, but for the most part I'm the farthest thing possible from a relationshipper. I don't want characters to get smooshed together; I want to watch them interact. I'm not a big fan of pure romance, and I really don't want porn. My big thing is that I like seeing the characters relate as friends. This applies even if they're in a romantic relationship -- grand falling-in-love stuff bores me, particularly if it's emotionally fraught, but the quiet day-to-day of characters doing things puts a smile on my face. I love plot, but I definitely don't mind lightly plotted fic if it's fun to read.

These are the fandoms I've requested for this year:

  1. Jenny Everywhere

    Created in 2002 by Steven Wintle, with input from several members of the Barelith.com forum community, Jenny Everywhere was designed to be an open-source superhero for comic books. She is free to use anywhere, by anyone, at any time, as long as the following text appears: "The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed." Conveniently, Jenny Everywhere is a multidimensional hero, meaning that all versions of her (and all stories featuring her) are canon. To quote her FAQ: "Jenny Everywhere exists in all dimensions at once. She has the accumulated wisdom of all her other selves, and she can potentially shape or change dimensional properties." Most people interpret this last bit to mean that she has dimension-hopping powers, which she uses for adventure and to get into the really good clubs.

    In order to keep Jenny recognizable from story to story, her appearance is generally consistent: "She has short, dark hair. She usually wears aviation goggles on top of her head and a scarf around her neck. Otherwise, she dresses in comfortable clothes. She is average size and has a good body image. She has loads of confidence and charisma. She appears to be Asian or Native American [depending, one presumes, on whether or not a long-ago ancestor made it across the Bering Strait]. She has a ready smile." The best drawings of Jenny are by Nelson Evergreen; this is the essence of Jenny as far as I'm concerned, and he has a lovely icon of her face as well. (Evergreen tends to draw Jenny slightly shorter and stockier, and I think it really suits her.)

    I think Jenny is a great idea for an open-source hero, and would love to see her adopted by fannish transformative culture. For a Yuletide story, I'd enjoy either a small adventure, or an account of her meeting a very-far-out alternate self (ala Evergreen's picture).

  2. The Blood of Heroes (1989)

    Joan Chen is Kidda, a young woman eking out a miserable existence on her parents' farm, but her not-so-secret obsession is The Game, also known as jugging -- a brutal sport in which the object is to place a dog skull on a stake. Sallow (Rutger Hauer), an exile from a decadent underground civilization, leads a team of skilled, experienced juggers, and Kidda takes up with them to climb to the heights of the sport she loves -- a quest that takes her to the depths of the earth, and a legitimately thrilling showdown with the game's nastiest players.

    It is a great post-apocalyptic bloodsport movie, and the cast is fantastic. Also, I can't stress this enough, Joan Chen *beating the shit out of people in ultraviolent ways.* I'd love appearances from (or mentions of) Sallow, Gandhi, and Gonzo, in particular, or her other teammates Big Cimber and Young Gar, but what I really want is a Kidda story. She's lived in brutality and squalor for all her life; her new life in the Nine Cities involves a brutal job, but at the same time she has access to food and luxury. What's that change like for her?

    Alternatively, what happens if the Dog-Boy makes his way to a challenge in the Nine Cities?

    It has come to my attention that a download is mysteriously available for a very limited time that probably concides with Yuletide (this link had gone bad, but is now mysteriously fixed).


    Boober and Wembley team up to accomplish a mutual goal. Red is skeptical of the whole affair, but pitches in when she's needed. And Travelling Matt sends a surprisingly relevant postcard. I would love an appearance from Sprocket, if you can wing one. (Short explanation: my girlfriend and are deeply fond of FRAGGLE ROCK. My girlfriend is frequently Wembley. Boober is, essentially, me. So if you decide to write me a Fraggle Rock story, I'd love them being front and center.)

  4. Worm (Web Serial Novel)

    WORM is a *ginormous* web serial novel about a bullied teenage girl who gains insect-controlling superpowers and tries to become a superhero but winds up falling into supervillainy more or less by accident. It's a really fun amateur story that keeps topping itself with creative power uses and over-the-top action.

    My favorite part in the story is the unlikeliest friendship between the insect-controlling hero, Taylor Hebert (Skitter) and her team member Rachel Lindt, who goes by Bitch (her preferred name) or Hellhound (what the press and superheroes tend to call her). Rachel had a horrible childhood, and she gets along with dogs much better than people, to the point that human social cues are confusing or unintelligible for her. But Rachel gets along really well with dogs, which is good because her superpower is transforming them into giant mutated warbeasts. She doesn't get along with humans very well, but she and Taylor have an unusual friendship -- though it's not without its ups and downs. I really enjoy watching the two interact, and I don't feel the need for a huge story with them. But something quiet and nice where they have some downtime to relax, maybe on the pastoral parallel Earth Taylor finds, would be fun.

  5. Beauty and the Beast (TV 1987)

    Give Catherine and Vincent a nice day where they get to win -- maybe they take the van on a trip and everything works out, or she sneaks Vincent into a movie theater through an exit door and instead of the romantic film they'd planned it turns out to be a Laurel and Hardy marathon or something, because how often did we see Vincent laugh? If Father and Mouse can make brief appearances, I'm even happier.

  6. Thanks!

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