David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Christopher Reeve has died

A good actor. Very underrated, forever typecast as Superman; I remember an theater audience laughing when his screen credit appeared in Remains of the Day. Then he had his accident, and his image changed again forever -- he wasn't that guy who was Superman any more; he was brave, an ennobled sufferer. Maybe his rekindled fame bemused him.

The funny thing is, during his years in the wilderness (and, let's face it, after the crapfests of SUPERMAN III and SUPERMAN IV), people forgot how good he was as Superman -- and as Clark Kent. I heard Reeve say once that he figured there were two possible explanations for why Lois Lane didn't immediately realize Clark Kent was Superman. A: she was very stupid. B: Superman was really, really good at his disguise. Reeve decided on option B.

He told that story on the occasion I saw him in person, at a speaking engagement at the University of Florida. He took some questions, but I didn't get to ask mine. I was torn between two possibilities. One was, "Out of all your screen kisses, how would you rate Michael Caine?" The other? I wanted to ask him if he'd seen this article from the October 2, 1996 issue of The Onion, and what he'd thought of it.

I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd had it framed.
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