David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Quick comics takes

Birds of Prey #74: Nine shades of fun, the best issue of the comic in a while. The characters were firing on all cylinders, the action was good -- and Dinah's mocking Batman was great in-character humor. As was Huntress's taking her own gag a little too far.

Gotham Central #24: A good solid book; the "we tell the kids to never use violence, so they're puzzled when daddy shoots somebody" bit feels a bit off. Cops know they might have to shoot people sometimes -- it's a risk that comes with the job. Cops' kids know it, too. As portrayed, it comes off... well, like what somebody who works in a more "normal," sheltered job imagines a cop and his family would feel in such a situation. The little old lady with the crime collection, though, rocks. As does Renee. (And Josie Mac, of whom I'm fond.)

Identity Crisis #5:Tactically, Jack didn't do too badly. He got cover and waited for the bad guy to come to him, and he didn't count on one shot doing the job. Pretty good group, too. He just exposed himself too much -- bad mistake, probably fatal. What I really want to know, though, is this: who the hell gave Jack Drake that gun?!?! Boomerang had a partner/director. Somebody who set him up to get killed. Calculator looks like a good bet, but there's still the question of why.

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