David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

WiP meme

Originally the fault of jjtaylor, but I got it from marag and kerithwyn. Blame all of them, plus the fact that for some reason I can't sleep.

Untitled Jim Gordon fic #1
Jim: Retirement sucks.
Bats: Here, Jim. Look at these cold case files. *thwonk*
Jim: You do realize that the last time I tried doing cold case work, I got clubbed unconscious by a serial killer?
Bats: *sulk*
Jim: Oh, *fine.*

Untitled Jim Gordon fic #2
Jim: My wife left and took our young son, and my brother and his wife got killed in a car crash, leaving me with my teenaged niece to raise and eventually adopt. Except there's canonically reason to believe she may be my biological daughter after all. God, my family's dysfunctional.
Dick & Bruce: Hi, guys!
Babs: You were saying?
Jim: Never mind.

Unstarted and strictly theoretical "Escape Artistry" sequel:
WW: Wait. The original ended on a down note. Why would I even --
Bats: Spank me harder, please, mistress.
WW: Oh, right.
Tags: fic, wip, writing

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