David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines


My mom decided she hadn't seen me in forever, so she came down South to cook Thanksgiving dinner for me and my roomies. (Nice mom, huh?) Best part: for me, this is the first of six glorious days off. My work schedule jumps around a bit, which means I sometimes wind up working eight or ten days in a row, but the upside of that is the occasional really long weekend. Plus, I worked 53 hours last week while some other folks were taking a training course, so I'm due.

The funniest thing so far: Ma and I went grocery shopping this morning, and when one of my roomies came home he asked if anything interesting had happened (he wasn't sure Ma was in yet). I opened the refrigerator and bade him look inside.

He was very happy.

I love my mom.

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