David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Manly, manly things

So, I'm building furniture.

I was putting this off until I had a power drill. My mother (the sneak!) bought me a power drill as a present while she was in town, thus removing my excuse for further procrastination. So today I went out and bought lumber. The folks at Home Depot were good enough to cut it for me; they were about out of MDF, so I decided I'd check back on Monday after they get a new shipment in, as it's about half the cost of plywood. But I can build the basic frame.

Oh, yeah. I'm building a bed. Actually, a combination bed/desk. Loft bed atop, desk below, maybe a bookcase on one end if I can figure out how to shoehorn it in. Most of the work should be done tomorrow.

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