David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

My fanfic year in review

Stories I wrote this year:
Batman (comics):
"New Year's Kiss"
"The Last Temptation of Alfred"
"Measured Out in Coffee Spoons"
"Jason and Me"
"The Color of Straw"
"Fathers and Daughters"

Various untitled DCU ficlets, at least one of which eventually is going to be part of something larger.

Justice League Animated
"Escape Artistry" (more or less)
"Wally West vs. the Chicken Salad of Doom"

Also a couple of short gift-fics for folks that I haven't published, both Bat-comics.

My favorite story this year (of my own): "Jason and Me."

My best story this year: "Jason and Me."

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: "New Year's Kiss." (Though it got nominated for a DFA on the Bludhaven mailing list, which counts for something.) My first foray into DCU fanfic. Posted with the New Year, which means I've been writing DCU for almost exactly a year now.

Most fun story: "The Last Temptation of Alfred."

Most sexy story: I guess "Escape Artistry." Certainly has the most UST. Hell, I think it's the *only* one with UST. People get laid in The Color of Straw, but it's more silly and sad than anything. Although Wally West vs. the Chicken Salad of Doom has the most sex of any story I've written. If, y'know, you're just going by volume.

Story with single sexiest moment: "Escape Artistry." End of part three, the bit where Wonder Woman uses her lasso on Batman. And shows him her strength.

Most unintentionally "telling" story: I don't think I've written anything that was unintentionally telling. If I felt it deeply, I knew damn well what I was doing when I put it in. Whether you recognize the personal bits, and understand how personal they are, is another issue altogether.

Most difficult story to write: none of the above. WiP.

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