David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

An announcement

So, I have a girlfriend.

I've been trying to figure out how to announce this for a while. And the other party has professed her extreme curiosity as to how I'm going to do it. Because, obviously, I had to post on my LJ (much easier than emailing everyone, and also it's good news). Which meant a lot of me thinking about how to word things.

Because she's special, and I don't want to screw this announcement up.

What can I tell you about the Princess?

Well, she's smart.

Very smart. In different ways than I am; she's very businessy and focused on the wider world. She speaks two foreign languages fluently and knows enough of a couple more to not get lost in the airport. She's also industrious. Spends time translating mangamore industrious than I am. She's been known to spend her free time translating manga and programming databases. She doesn't sing often, and she sings quietly when she does, but I like her voice. And her taste in songs. She may not care much for my guns, but she likes country music.

We've known each other for going on two years. We met while she was finishing school, and saw each other then; then she went out-of-country, where she's (mostly) been ever since. But I missed her, and realized I wanted to do try to make something work. So for the first time in... good grief, it's more than four years! -- I have an honest-to-goodness declared girlfriend. Not a friend with benefits, not a nebulous are-we-dating?-thing -- a girlfriend. Yours truly is off the market.

It's about to become seriously long-distance again. She's going back out of the country, and I have some travel plans of my own. She came back for the holidays, and we spent some time together in and around Jurisdiction City, then went to Universal Studios for New Year's Eve. She let me go on roller coasters, even though she doesn't like them. We did share one, Revenge of the Mummy, but only because we didn't realize it was a roller coaster at the time. (The souvenir photo shows me looking ridiculous. She is laughing. Possibly at me.)

Miss you, Princess. Take care of yourself out there.
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