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Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are pompous fools, but when they were called on their comments about the September 11th attacks being a sign from God they realized their stupidity and apologized. None of these people will ever apologize for their similar comments about the tsunami. And nobody will ever ask them to. Meanwhile, a right-leaning American diplomat involved in tsunami recovery has some harsh words for the UN's recovery efforts.

If Iraq is your thing, James Dunnigan's Strategy Page features interesting comments on the ongoing engagements in Iraq, and what our future efforts there may look like. While that article focuses on the Baathist segment, there's no escaping the international component. The suicide bomber who attacked a mess hall in Mosul, killing 22, was a Saudi medical student from the al-Ghamdi clan, in which terrorism is a family business. Three 9-11 hijackers were al-Ghamdis, and if you spend a lot of time reading news and commentary on terrorism around the world (I do), the name al-Ghamdi keeps turning up like a bad penny.

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