David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Ossie Davis

Ossie Davis has died.

He was an old Commie, but damn did he have class. He also tended to be graceful with his personal activism, especially in later years, in a way that people aren't much any more. I recall reading about one protest (I can't recall what was being protested) at which Davis and his wife Ruby Dee were arrested. It was a polite protest: the protestors wanted to be arrested for the attention it would draw, the cops were willing to oblige them, and everybody was pretty cheerful about the whole thing. One detail in the story, about how Davis and Dee handled arrest, struck me as particularly sweet: they requested of the officers, if it were possible, to put them in the same transport van and shuffle them through booking together. And the cops did.

And he aligned himself with a totalitarian ideology that killed a hundred million people.

I'll miss him, even so.
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