David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Jimmy Carter and battle space dominance

There is no way to say this without giggling: on Saturday, the U.S. Navy will commission a nuclear-powered attack submarine named for President Jimmy Carter.

...boy, way to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, huh?

Actually, I'm delighted by the fact that we're naming a nuclear sub after President Carter (who is, after all, the only president to have served on a submarine). Not only is it a wonderfully silly honor pregnant with all sorts of irony, but it means we get Navy press releases like this one:

Jimmy Carter's flexibility and impressive capabilities will provide the Navy with an undersea weapons platform to operate in any scenario against any threat -- from under arctic ice to shallow water.

Armed with the battle-proven Tomahawk cruise missiles, Jimmy Carter will be able to safely conduct deep strike missions while submerged far off an enemy's coast. Jimmy Carter will also carries the Mark 48 advanced capability torpedo, the most reliable torpedo in the world for use against surface ships and submarines. With twice as many torpedo tubes and a 30 percent increase in weapons magazine size compared to the Los Angeles class submarines, Jimmy Carter will be eminently capable of establishing and maintaining battle space dominance.

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