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From Comics Continuum:

Bruce Timm, producer of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited
animated series, told The Continuum that the show's second episode will
be an adaptation of the Alan Moore story, "For The Man Who Has

"That actually came about when we were sittng down plotting the season,
it came up in the conversation that in the first two seasons we never did
a show that involved just the big three," Timm said. "And we were like,
'Yeah, I guess we should rectify that situation.'

"And it was Dwayne (McDuffie, story editor) who said that the best big
three story of all time was 'For The Man Who Has Everything.' And we
said, 'OK, let's go that.'"

Timm said he talked to Moore about doing the episode.

"I wasn't going to do the show if he wasn't comfortable with us doing
it," Timm said. "And he said, 'Oh yes, I would be honored if you would
adapt that for your show.'

"So that was great. And hopefully, he'll still feel that way once the
show's done. I think he'll like it."

Eric Roberts returns to do the voice of Mongul in the episode, which,
along with the season opener "Initiation," has returned from overseas
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