David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Ursula and me

Yes, yours truly has finally gone and done it. A new computer.

Ursula is a Macintosh PowerBook G4 running OS X.3.7 Panther. That's a picture of the Princess on the Desktop; I've blurred it because she doesn't want her face online, but it is a pretty nice picture of her. (She does not look bad in pictures. It's a rule of the universe. This is especially apparent in the pics of us together, she looks sleek, nicely dressed, and well-put together, while I look like a slob. Which I am.)

Anyway, Ursula: I've needed a new machine for some time, and I can afford it better now than previously. I've also picked up a digital camera, the Pentax Optio 43wr. Not the priciest of models (I got it for just a shade under $300, but there was a great deal going), but it's a rugged little sucker.

(Yes, thete1, this means you can expect more pictures of David with guns. (Hopefully a lot more, and maybe exotic varieties. In the meantime, observe my manly utility belt.)
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