David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

something nice in Nightwing #104

Here's something sweet I just noticed in Nightwing #104, on the third-to-last page. Dick is facing down Penguin in the club.

DICK. "Tell it to the cops."
BABS. [tapping Dick's shoulder] "Uh..."
PENGY. "Find me a cop in Gotham I don't own. I'll make a down payment tonight."
[Wide shot: Babs beats the stuffing out of goons. Dick continues to stare down Penguin.]
DICK. "I know a cop who has a price over your budget, Penguin. Ever run into Harvey Bullock?"
[Over Dick's shoulder, Babs kicks a guy in the jaw. Blood (and, one presumes, teeth) is flying.]

I didn't process it before, but it's a neat bit of character business: Dick doesn't move at all when the goons rush them. Yes, it makes him look cool and unworried, but it also shows that he trusts Babs absolutely to deal with any threat that's coming. He's in the enemy's lair, he hears a ferocious fight behind him, Barbara Gordon's all that's standing between Dick and a serious pounding or death at the hands of professional muscle... and he doesn't even turn around.

That's trust, man.

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