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So, I'm loading all of my CDs into iTunes. It's been ages since I was really seriously accumulating CDs, but there are a lot of them. Naturally, I had to go somewhere before I was finished updating, and I'll be peripatetic for a while. The thought of pausing my herculean task offends me, which means that, of course, I *lug all my CDs along* so I can upload 'em to Ursula and can then ship them back so I won't have to lug my CDs around any more.

There's something inherently foolish about this, but at the same time it's kind of cool.

I'm rather amazed by iTunes. This is what happens when you get a new computer every, oh, five or six years: you hear vaguely about the cool stuff that's available these days, but you don't get to live with it on a daily basis. The database for automatically labelling tracks and albums is really very good, although its occasional hiccups are entertaining: I'm not sure how anyone could categorize Jimmie Rodgers as punk/alternative.

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