David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Random pairing generator thoughts

So far, it's resulted in a really interesting mix: some conventional and nonconventional pairings, but also a lot of genfic, a few lengthy pieces, and a fair amount of extreme silliness. Which is pretty nifty. Several other folks have done Harvey bits, which is making me realize that Two-Face is really underrated as a villain and a character. He's not someone I think of automatically when I think of the Batverse, but there's a lot of stuff to play with there.

Writing-wise, it's also fun to just toss off stuff -- I've got a couple stories in varying stages of doneness, and a couple more that I'm mulling over, and the untitled Scarecrow/Quinn piece made for a fun change of pace. (Also, I belatedly realized, it's the first story I've distributed in which people actually *boink.*)
Tags: random pairing generator, writing
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