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Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine

So, yours truly has embarked on a bold new project. The upside is that it involves travel, which is always fun; the downside is that it requires me to be chained to a desk for a little while during the early phase of said travel.

Today I returned to my temporary place of lodgings to find free sushi. Note to all readers: free dinner is bad. Why? Because it convinces you that the money you'd budgeted to spend on dinner *can be spent on alcohol.* Wait a minute, says one small part of your cerebrum. You can get reimbursed for money you spend on dinner, but not on booze! At which point a pretty bartender delivers a screwdriver with added 7-up, and you think, like Lobo in the great miniseries LOBO'S BACK, "Ahh, what th' hell."

Then you decide you should get something that puts you to sleep, and the bartender mentions that she's not really supposed to make shots but she had this thing last night that's really effective and she can disguise it as a drink. And she produces something called "Eating It" that you're not able to find on any drink site but includes tequila and rum and triple sec and Southern Comfort and pretty much everything else on her stand. And gives enough of it to you to fill a cocktail glass. So it's at least a double. And then you realize it's a diabolical plot to render you unconscious so she can steal your wallet.

Oh, and then you get a little tequila for the road.

I was very, very stupid tonight. But at least I will go to bed early.

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