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4CH stories

I am now sober enough to actually appreciate the 4CH story that was written for me.

First off, let me just point folks who like fanfic, and DC comics, to the story archive. There's good stuff here, and a number of stories well worth your reading. I'll rec a few. First, though, I'm going to make nice to the unknown party who wrote a story for me.

I like genfic. I like stories about characters doing stuff; I'm all about the text. I also feel really awkward about giving people detailed writing challenges or stuff like that; it's one thing when you do a beta and suggest detailed suggestions, but something else to say, "This is what I want -- but *you* write it." Maybe that's silly. But it's the way I am, so the request of mine that got written up was this: "The Star-Spangled Kid saves the day. Really. That's all I'm asking for. Something fun, light, with maybe a teensy bit of flag-waving."

Well, there wasn't flag-waving, but I'll be damned if the Star-Spangled Kid didn't save the day. In a fun, light story that teamed her up with Impulse. It had humor, and action, and general goofiness -- and the Star-Spangled Kid saved the day.

Dude, I can't ask for more than that.

Anyway, unknown writer, I really appreciate "Bedlam Boys (and Girls)." Favorite bits: the "giant poofball on a stick" in Courtney's "personal space bubble." "A hundred and -- ow!" The employment of cheerleading skills at a highway speed. Courtney's pride in having a legacy. It's a sweet, fun story, and I'm pleased as punch to get it.

Other stories worth your perusal:

100 Ways to Be a Good Girl. I've never cared for the Arrows, and don't like Mia much at all. But I really liked her, and the story, here. The story doesn't ignore the tragic parts of Mia's life -- it draws a lot of its oomph from confronting them -- but it's touching, not because of its angst, but because of its humor and irony: "When she didn't want to have sex, she'd been forced to have it all the time, and now that she couldn't have sex without worrying about giving somebody a life-threatening disease, she was surrounded by the pretty. Life? So not fair."

Also, Roy, who is going to be entertaining in damn near any fanfic he's in, and I really liked the description of him: "...leather jacket, good looks, cocky attitude, and eyes that ate up the scenery like he was afraid he might go blind some day and have nothing good to remember." Yeah, that's Ollie's boy.

Right On Target. Another story with Mia, but focusing on Arrowette. Characters I either don't care for (Mia) or don't know much about (Arrowette). And I frigging loved the story. Best one of the challenge, in my book. A character makes a decision or two, and I know her at the end in a way I didn't when I started. That make me happy.

"The Things They Know." A portrait, not a story -- but it's a pretty dang good portrait of Barbara Gordon. "...what doesn't kill her may not really make her stronger, but it won't make her weaker, either. Because she won't let it." That's Babs.

"Ready." Another Babs story, and a good one. There's something really wonderful about the Batman-Robin-Batgirl dynamic, and this story captures it well. It's sweet, fun, and lightly bantery.

"Under Pressure. Grace Choi, the superstrong, super-pissed member of the Outsiders, before she was in the Outsiders. A long, slow portrait -- or series of them. Nicely done. My favorite scene is a cameo appearance by two of the big three -- it's a great character scene, and it's *fun.*

Joker in the Box. Maggie Sawyer kicks ass. That is all.

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