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David Hines

The slashiest moment of Jim Gordon's career

So thete1 mentioned that she was thinking about writing Batman/Commissioner Gordon slash. To which my (only natural and right-thinking) response was, of course, "Ewwwwwwwwww."

I don't write slash, but in most pairings I can see how folks could get there from here, so it's possible to enjoy the departure. But it's hard to get more straight than Jim Gordon. For one thing, he's been married. Twice. One of those times fairly late in life, when he didn't have any reason to feel socially obligated to. He's got an eye for women, and didn't stop looking at them (and in one case, doing more) during his first marriage. He's a career police officer and a military vet; those tend to be pretty conservative occupations. The idea of Jim with another guy is kind of a stretch.

That said, there was this one time...

The miniseries is Gordon of Gotham, a four-issue limited that came out in 1998. The story -- told in flashback, as Jim relates the tale to Batman -- goes back into Jim Gordon's past in Chicago, and shows the events that sent him in disgrace to Gotham City.

First, let's meet our hero:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jim, of course, saves the hippie from a beating.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...is it bad that I enjoy Jim's little tirade? Anyway, as you can see, he's not quite the Jim we know -- he's brasher, more emotional, more temperamental. His conscience, though, is the same: he puts the cop who was beating the hippie on report. When the cop pulls more crap, Jim notifies Internal Affairs. This pisses off the cop, who isn't just a bad cop: he's seriously dirty. He lures a trap for Jim, who's already wounded after heroically intervening in a robbery/kidnap. Distracted by his injuries and his worries about his troubled marriage, Jim walks right into it. Jim fights, but it's no contest. But just before Jim passes out, he's rescued by a mysterious stranger:

Jim wears a wife-beater

Beautiful, huh?

Call me, beefcake!

Of *course* Jim's rescuer is more than he seems, which leads to plot complications and mucho trouble for Jim. But Jim had his reasons for being susceptible:

Jim was lonely

Also, Batman is a freaky freaking freak:

Batman: Loneliness *yay!*

Anyway, there you have it: the slashiest moment of Jim Gordon's long and storied career.
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