David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

This just in...

This just in: Vicki Vale is a fucking bitch.

What an absolutely horrible thing to say.

If she were a man, she'd get hit for saying that. And she'd damn well deserve it.

Interesting to note: I can think of one other definite reference in canon to the Wayne fortune originally coming from munitions, and it's also by Vicki Vale, using almost the same words. It's interesting, no?

When I look for story possibilities, I always think about similarities and differences. Take something two characters have in common -- or absolutely *don't* agree on -- and you've got a story for those characters. Here, I can't help but think of Green Arrow; wealth from armament sales is something that Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen have in common. Interesting difference, though: I get the impression that the Wayne fortune was *made* by munitions, but the Waynes probably got out of that some time ago. Certainly, I don't recall anything about Bruce getting rid of the Wayne Industries munitions division, and the company is old enough and big enough to have diversified. Ollie, by contrast, owned a company that was actually manufacturing weapons well into his superheroing career; he shut it down after a nun who had befriended him was killed by a Queen Industries land mine.

Not a Green Arrow fan, myself, but if somebody's looking for an interesting Green Arrow-Batman team-up, that could be a hook.

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