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My going-quiet present for y'all.

Claim one or two each, by numbers. (I reserve the right to share #9, should I get to post at any point in the recent future.) Sources are mainly 1) Gordon of Gotham, 2) Batman: Year One, and 3) Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane. Don't bother waiting for my acknowledgement; just claim in comments and grab.

1. outside the box 2. partners 3. Sweaty Bruce 4. Also sweaty Bruce 5. Jim Gordon/Sarah Essen 4eva!!one!... oh, ghod, I'm spending too much time on LJ

6. Jim rocks 7. really, he does 8. how can you not love that face? 9. I'm claiming this one. 10. Heh.

11. Lois needs coffee 12. Lois also rocks 13. And is fierce 14. And Superman is a dick 15. But he types fast.


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