David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

"Batman's gay!" -- "Well, okay, but is it art?"

Via Boing Boing and Stay Free! Daily, I was hipped to a bit of interesting news:

D.C. Comics has hit a Chelsea art dealer with a "cease & desist" letter for exhibiting Mark Chamberlain’s watercolors on a "gay Batman" theme. The works, which were exhibited at Kathleen Cullen Fine Art this spring (where they found ready buyers at prices ranging starting at $200), include images of Batman and Robin exchanging a kiss, a watercolor titled Robin’s Baby Pictures depicting the Boy Wonder’s cute rear end, and a rendering of the Caped Crusader, sans shirt but otherwise in costume, striking a languorous pose.

The Boy Wonder in question appears to be an age-of-majority Dick Grayson, if you're wondering. As DC's lawyers have descended on the gallery en masse, demanding the unsold work and the invoices for the sold work, any interested slashers in the New York City area would be advised to a) work fast and b) pay cash.

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